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(updated after answering hundreds of questions at the ‘Shamans Retreat Tipi’ at the Rainbow Peace Gathering, Sept18)

last Update – August 2019, in #Yopo-Trip-how-to, #Yopo(how to make it), #Diet-Preparation, #Kechari-Mudra-and-bodys-own-dmt, #Differences-regarding-the-Plant-Material, #Cooking-Guide, #Recipe-für-Original-Ayahuasca, #dmt-deep-space, #PlantMaster-Sources and new are worth-watching videos about Iboga.
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pdf to diet before and after a planned Ayahuasca trip, as a guide, 3 instead of 7 days before are also sufficient, be not too strict, your diet will improve anyway if Ayahuasca is installed more often, honey is always fully ok. On the day you want to go to the ceremony, I recommend not eating, except honey

Notes are from the recommendation of Shipibo (Amazon tribe), see

Supplement: You can shorten the 7 days before and after to 3 days (by inner agreement), honey is ok, as well as dried fruit if 1/2 day soaked in water – it depends on the consistency – it is also with onions, garlic and coffee not so so strict, if you completely abandon it’s good, yet otherwise it’s no reason to avoid Aya because of it – the more you install it, the easier it will be to adapt your diet in the future (important, however, no cheese, no milk products, no medications, minimize salt and spices, no industrial garbage, no mental garbage before and after) … if you already know ayahuasca, you do not need to be so strict in everything, because then you feel what is ok – nuts and raw-nut-puree in small amounts is
ok too, as well as apple cider vinegar … Salt and spices and cheese is what is most important is to leave out several days – for pranic being pre-stage it’s important to stay permanently without these, then you feel and produce more body’s own dmt.

Information before going into a do-it-yourself ceremony with any sacred master medicine – is highly important and make sure to know the material linked here, the book LucidDream was written to serve this all-you-need-to-know background

It is important and recommended to know chapter two and three from LucidDream, as well as’ This is the Portal ‘(Final movie), to be prepared what happens.

a good article before any ceremony comes from the forum: ‘All About Aya <3

Also learn to know the most important change of perspective for everyone – the nature of multidimensional reality of each creator entity, as well as how you create all reality around you, just as there is neither past nor future, but all events take place simultaneously: LucidDream – MOST IMPORTANT MATERIAL EVER – Seth bestof –

optimal preparation for a ceremony:

(the ‘reality breakthroughs’ in understanding for human consciousness, help to clean all doubts about the plain information given here and the de-mystifying of shamanic and fairies work, here is a chat snippet about it:

‘In my reality everything with this is well, consciousness is about to reach the final level before collective ascension and self-responsibility that everyone can get its own intuitively and higher-self leaded shaman… doubts create polar aspects, this ends when you ascend to a higher level of understanding concerning consciousness and the reality it creates … in this article i also light to a different sort as usual Ayahuasca, from the Acacia tree, that is connected to all other trees and the tree-of-life … where it’s way to act is ‘save’ and motherly-loving, connecting to the source, able to re-birth you and heal emotional or physic blockades.

realize how every of our beliefs creates personal reality, we experience what we consciously and subconsciously believe, yet there is nothing we cannot change, the past as well as the future, there is not a linear time, there there is no outer, so no circumstances we have just been born into, all time and cause and effect are simultaneous, time is simultaneous as well as all our parallel lives, we can get manifestors when connecting to your higher dimensional, all-knowing entity. humans will soon simultaneous evolute, supported by mother earth through sinking her poles to unify the frequency and triggering bodys-own dmt in every of our cells / in every creature / human with a pineal gland … be looking forward for it.’ )

No, I don’t offer Ayahuasca ceremonies, that’s why I wrote the book LucidDream, to de-mystify and empower yourself to do it. All you need to know you find beforehand in this article … everyone can care for themselves and fears are unnecessary … Ayahuasca needs at least 3-4 applications before it starts to work actively with you, until the first cleansing and installation of the structures in the body is done. Do not be surprised if it shows no effect, it always works, the deep spaces and breakthroughs happen usually only after the 3rd++ time experienced.

Also, it is only the first few times exhausting … it will answer any question for the ones who have the courage … I get requests, people who have traveled far to experience Ayahuasca ceremonies and now would travel far again to do another ceremony and learn cooking … Yet the easiest way is to learn to do it yourself … you will choose a harmonious place and setting, you ‘start out of order‘ – not chaos, you clean the space with holy smudge (incense), you get in tune with it and meditate … you create your own ‘ceremony’ for it … this how-to-ceremony knowledge will come soon to you automatically because it is sacred and you get trained through it, it creates a feeling how it wants to be experienced, so that your preparation and behavior will be optimized the more you are in contact with it.

it does not need a shamanic background, think about why so many ‘Ayahuasca for the Village‘ recipes can be found … you don’t need any caretaker, you accompany yourself, you keep all your talent to estimate and judge situations, you still can access everything you know, it just needs information, pre-cleaning of believe and mind patterns what happens through the #Unleash-Your-Mind-Before material linked above

There are big differences regarding which source material for Ayahuasca one uses. What has accompanied and trained me over the years and received me with the utmost motherly love is Ayahuasca from the tree Acacia Confusa (dmt) and the Peganum Harmala seeds as a MAO inhibitor (= Syrian Rue). This I call ‘Western-Style-Aya’. It is not only the cheapest option, but also a link to the tree-of-life structure; the original name of this Acacia tree in Taiwan is: ‘The tree thinking about each other tree’. This sort is also a suggestion, when one want’s to go into a several month-long fasting supported by Ayahuasca period, while providing the body with whatever it needs through inner rainbow light. As a second choice for source material or alternative, there is the Mimosa Hostilis (= Jurema Preta), I have also wonderful experiences with this and can suggest it. Ayahuasca out of the original ingredients from the Amazon, Psychotria Vidris or Chacruna leaves (dmt) or Chaliponga (dmt) and the Banisteriopsis Caapi Liane as a MAO inhibitor, is not only many times more expensive, I miss there partly the harmony, order and motherly love that I am used to through Acacia … for me, this variation is very exhausting, cleansing, yet precious and i use it rarely for special ceremonies. The original variety does not adapt so much to your will and mood, is less clear, but also very healing and visionary. (note: to use Ayahuasca as a almost daily cure over a period can lead into being able to live as a Pranic Being as well as learning to produce finally all dmt bodys-own)

What happens when you have experienced the first 2-3 Ayahuascas is, that the side effects of nausea, feeling tired and detoxification minimize and you do not have to keep the next day free, but you get are fitter, healthier and clearer than ever.

pdf for diet before and after a planned Ayahuasca trip, as a guide, 3 instead of 7 days before are also sufficient, be kind to you, your nutrition will improve anyway when Ayahuasca is installed more often, honey is always ok. On the day you want to go into ceremony, I recommend to not eat anything but honey


Notes are from the recommendation of Shipibo (Amazon tribe), see

You also learn which food is Aya compatible, so that you don’t have necessarily to fast, but switch on liquid food and raw food the days before (smoothies, apple is always ok if very well chewed, also honey, coconut oil and nutmeg with dripping consistency, dried fruit, if you soak it in water for a day) … you should not eat before the Ayahuasca experience, but after you can, yet after you will not be very hungry anyway, since ayahuasca contains all the light spectrum and causes the cells to produce bio-photons. To chew in an ayahuasca-friendly variety is to eat with forehead touching the ground, so that you ‘cook the soup in the mouth’, this is how enough saliva (liquid of the mouth) is infused with half the amount of food you have previously been satisfied with, it also creates the ‘dripping-from-the-walls-consistency’ that Ayahuasca accepts without complaint. A fantastic all-you-need raw food is wild herbs salad, just from collected ingredients (nettle, dandelion, plantain, broadleaf, chickweed, leaves of wild strawberries, shoot leaves of raspberries, blackberries, forest clover, … each of the young, small leaves and shoots contain the most vibrant energy, ultra-fine-cutting, ultra-fine-chewing). For this you need neither gardening nor a vegetable patch, all ingredients grow wild. Vegetables and bedding can people of light skip anyway, fruits swing in terms of frequency chakra-higher than vegetables, where many represents roots and therefore feeding the lower chakras. See also nutrition and health article for pre-stage of Pranic Being Healing, Natural Medicine, Nutrition and 5D Selfhealing Compact (Article in eng).

… the deep dmt space is only accessible after it has been installed several times in the body and has sieved through everything … Likewise, body-own dmt is much easier self-triggered and produced afterwards. In each Ayahuasca ceremony, think about opening the heart chakra because it works with it, as well as practicing the tongue mudra, which triggers the body’s own dmt by pressing the tongue against the pineal gland for a long time, see Kechari Mudra .

The eyes should from 1 hour after drinking be and stay in complete darkness (super dark ’sleep mask’ brand is mindfold, you can also just use something to bind your eyes), every distraction in 3d and by external senses reduces the effect – so stay relaxed. ‘Breath: Listen to the breath. Focus on the breath. Breath is the most direct connection living organisms have to the universe. Does the breath reveal anything? Does breathing more deeply shift the experience? Breath is absolutely most powerful.’ (quoted from very good article ‘All About Aya <3’, suggested for optimal preparation of a self-guided-ceremony:

I sometimes call myself ‘daylight shaman’, as I love to drink Ayahuasca in the afternoon / siesta time instead after sunset. So you only have to fast for half the day, can sleep as usual at night, one is fit the next day, has the daily active life energy of all animals and plants telepathically accessible, the afternoon/early evening hours in Ayahuasca I call ‘light meditation‘ … afterwards in the evening one is super-creative and clear, back with much more power and joy than before … and avoids unnecessary food. You look for a beautiful place, preferably in the forest and stay in the dark during the main time, use something to blind your eyes, the visions are as intense as if you took it at night, but you are not already super-tired and can process the information with all awareness.

Ayahuasca can be wonderfully done alone, it can not go wrong, esp. when you install the necessary information before and use Acacia as source, you just have to adjust to the body cleansing (so a bucket or a digged hole and toilet paper nearby) and care for a warm nest where you spend your time. Due to the ‘bad’ taste and the ‘shaking factor’, which shakes you the more, the higher the dmt concentration is, you can not overdose, do at the beginning only a few little sips, so much that wets stomach, wait for the first two hours, then drink the rest, it takes up to two hours until it becomes active … when nausea occurs and you have to vomit, you can be grateful for it, because everything it cleans, is in the next ceremonies not more to be cleaned – if you do it more often you reach a high level, and it tells you which food is best to stay on this level … all unpleasant side effects of cleaning fade away and then it is just overwhelming
… the days before eat nothing, or little of the above ‘Aya-compatible food‘, see pdf at the top. Sapo Kambo Frog Medicine is a good deep cleansing and Ayahuasca preparation, more about that below.

‘singing and praying while cooking’ is probably the most important ingredient :), cooking instructions for Acacia and Peganum Harmala is on page 239 in LucidDream, for the other ingredients see the net … you can not really do something wrong. Ayahuasca has a very long duration that it stays good when stored and gets even better and better the longer it is stored, as the crystals have time to arrange themselves into higher structures.

f.e. Acacia Confusa or Mimosa Hostilis (=DMT) + Pergamum Harmalla (Syrian Rue = MAO), for each 13 g root-DMT + 4 g MAO with 1 l water + spoon white vinegar, cook until water is almost gone, filter this through cotton = 1st brew … fill up the root rest again with 1 litre water per 13g plant material, again cook until water almost gone, this you do 3 times, then combine all brews and reduce water again. simply easier if you have to drink only half a cup, it shakes you, drink in small portions, afterwards a spoon of honey to forget the tase … hot tip: add egg-protein to what you would drink, heat it and remove – it has sucked the substances that cause nausea … than you need little bit more

Supplement: Use an uncoloured T-shirt or sheet to filter, use clothing clips to hold, then wring out with all power. Most ‘beginners’ need 4-5 times the dose of the amount you need later, so on a pot of 4l, you use about 40g Acacia or Mimosa with about 13g MAO seeds + 4 tablespoons vinegar, add more water when the first liter evaporated, more water does not hurt, this is how you can time when you make the extracts, simmering is better than boiling, water level should not sink less than 2cm, the remaining water you simmer down after filtering, combine all extracts and simmer it down to have about 1-2 small cups, this is for beginners 1-2 deep portions, for advanced rather 4. After a few times cooking you get a sense when extractions are to be made, you will recognize the forming ‘rainbow elephant skin’ and how the ‘shaking factor‘ tells the concentration.

with B. Caapi as MAO-Liana and Psychotria Vidris, Chacruna or Chaliponga as DMT material.
One portion for dmt deep space ( later this amount is a double portion, for beginners it’s one), one cooks with 50g:50g, 1:1 MAO-DMT – so 50g B. Caapi together with 50g leafs from Psychotria or one of the others dmt jungle plants, one can also use Acacia or Mimosa, yet there is 13g the dose that equals to 50g leafs of Psychotria or Chacruna or Chaliponga. Some prefer, or recommend to cook the two ingredients in extra pots and also take it in separated – this means two pots, three filtrations same as described above. So one cooks in one or two pots for 3 days for one portion. Yet to get to know these Ur-Original-Sorts as well – for special ceremonies – is really precious. Also recommended for deeper healing processes, whereas this can also be reached through the Western-Style-Variants (Acacia and mimosa and Harmalla), as soon as one is more experienced and follows the call for ‘dmt-deep-space’.

To experience the deep space for the first time requires a higher amount, which, however, can only work and unfold (like overtones), if several pre-installations and cleanings have already happened. It will magnetically draw you into this experience. Once you have experienced it, then the body’s tolerance decreases, so that you need less and less to get there again. Everything you will learn in the future comes from the interaction with the higher view and experience – all by itself, one is trained by ayahuasca to the shaman.

The increase of inner order and harmony is also what happens with more and more applications in your body, Ayahuasca is ‘wringing you out’, it eliminates all inharmonic sounds that are attached to organs through emotional or health imbalance, dmt installs the golden ratio, a frequency increase in each cell, the first eye (pineal gland) gets all-spectrum-seeing … after sufficient installation, you are inwardly a highly vibrating orchestra and it can form overtones through which dmt can build exponentially on each other. Only with a higher level of purification is therefore the unspeakably infinitely overwhelming most beautiful deep Ayahuasca / dmt space experienced. This wants to take place as an experience and will attract you magnetically every time, only there happen breakthroughs, deep healings, new births, metamorphoses … ‘If the psychedelic experience is not satisfying enough, do not combine different substances, but double the dose’ (Terence Mc Kenna)


+ always stir clockwise, see Heinrich Sannemann’s research on energization and magnetization of water through spinning clockwise

contains 5-meo-dmt, N,N-DMT and Bufotenin (like in the Bufo Alvarius Toad, yet in less concentration). Cleaning, energizing, frequency-raising. The source material are the seeds Anadenanthera Peregrina or Columbrina, 3-5 of these big seeds contain the amount for one portion (one could simply chew and eat them, yet they are not so delicious. Yet, one creates powder out of it. Traditionally, the snuff powder in the Amazon (where it is very common) via the same Rapé applicator nasal added. If you make it with only a little Mapacho ash, you can also vaporize it or smoke it (pipe).

Here a good report from kk84 about Yopo and how it acts: (use a translator)
I love Yopo for support of fasting days. The light-subtle meditative flash lasts only 5-15 minutes, one is continuously capable of action, enormously increased in vibration and visually intensified, stimulated – balanced – all addictions are disabled – the best: no hunger or cravings / no smoke requests over several hours.

30 or 50g of the seeds in a cast iron or uncoated pan, no oil, gently heat until they burst (note: the seeds jump out of the pan, so lightly cover with a board and stand next to it). When all have burst, take them out, let cool and mix it together with one or two snail shells (cleaned, previously collected and broken smaller) – work it to smaller pieces in a stone mortar. Then comes some Mapacho (Fermented Shamanic Tobacco) ash – the amount of Mapacho Ash defines whether the mixture is still smokable, or intended for nasal use only. Put all together in the mortar to powder process (or in a small mixer). Use a fine grid sieve to make shure its finest powder. Finished.

This variant corresponds to microdosing, goes well with rapé, it can be done as an afterthought, helps with fasting and cravings-minimizing, increasing the vibrancy, the body’s own clarity.

A (for me) new epic challenge / master plant is # Yopo-peeled

All psychoactive substances / multidimensional neurotransmitters that are contained in Yopo (as well as Bufo alvarius) are endogenous. See work by Dieter Broers, Rick Strassmann, mantak chia, Wim Hof.

When you put the seeds into the pan, you stand beneath it and watch it not getting too hot. When the seeds burn / become brown, one can not use them anymore. When 70% of the seeds are plopped (put a wood lid on it, otherwise they jump out of the pan), put the pan away from the cooking station – the rest plops by the rest heat. The seeds are yellow or orange inside. Same instruction like for #Yopo-‘soft-version’ but peel the seeds after letting them pop-up (soft heat, not burn it) in a pan. Do it with hand-work, fine-filigran. Its a difference of worlds, 3-5 seeds (inner) are a deep journey – what is about 0,6-0,7g of the ready yopo powder. The dark skin is only use as fertilizer for plants. One mixes the seeds in the stone mortar and additionally crush snail shells or sea shells extra in the mortar, this is calcium bicarbonate and is added with a percentage of 20-25% to the yopo seed powder. this increases the effect spectrum. Put all through a very fine seeve before using it, to make sure there are no shard-edged pices in it.

Becoming aware of how important peeling is for a deep experience, happened through this description about Yopo:

Albarto Varela describes Yopo as intense: For those who are familiar
with plants and entheogenic substances or ancestral medicines, the effect
of the Yopo is like the fusion of Ayahuasca and Bufo Alvarius.

According to those who have experienced this process, the hard and
confronting part lasts about 15 minutes, but then the experience begins
to elevate consciousness until it reaches a state of fullness that can
last up to 3 hours. You feel a bodily awareness and a discomfort that
invites you to purify the body with vomiting intended to detoxify the body
and unlock all energy channels.

As a preparation it is essential to drink another liquid substance
containing caapi that acts as a natural relaxant and chemically prepares
the body for the visionary experience. One of these substances may be
Ayahuasca (but there are others (like Perganum Harmalla Seeds or
Telepathin / Harmalla Extract – note Kess), which when given in small
amount produces the preparation effect.

0,5-0,7 g Yopo powder are one trip, one combines it with 1,7-2g Caapi 30x extract paste or 50g B.Caapi cooked until water almost gone, 2 extractions combined, simmered down to the amount of a Schnappsglas, this is the mao inhibitor of the amazonas liana, the vine, what one needs additionally, dissolved in warm water (for the paste), drink it 30-40 min before applicating yopo.

most efficient to consume Yopo is nasal through a applicator (Kolibri) – blow it into the nose to that it arrives central in the brain … alternatively one can also make lines out of yopo and just pull it into the nose, keep it there.

One keeps the Yopo at least 10 min in the nose, do clean your nose after this time … after 10-15 minutes one is already deep into the Yopo Vision, that keeps you in over hours … important: be from the beginning of the journey in darkness, with the mindfold dark glasses and additionally a cover for your head, to not be bothered in the vision through scattering light from outside. I use ‘The Hood’ from over years as a perfect wizards cape – to have the head dark and be not bothered by insects.

When you have a stone mortar, one can produce the powder yourself, then its very cheap.

best source worldwide, esp europe: family business works with 10 tribes and 50 families from Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Mexico, and the plant material is harvested sustainably (ie no trees are felled but the bark is taken from fallen trees). No additional fees, direct shipping, fast and family connected.

Without additional custom fees and within days of shipping, there is currently only one more source I know in Europe: maya-ethnobotanicals. com , there you find the Acacia Confusa not as a powder but as original bark, yet when soaked for one day in water, and put it then via handwork into stripes, dry it, and use a mixer, you get it also soon into cookable powder / shredded material. Already shreddered and best quality / price is via, directly from the netherlands, they also have the Mimosa in high quality. For all besides Acacia is another good source, there one finds also the fermented shamanic Mapacho Tobacco for ceremonial use.

Pergamum Harmalla and Syrian Rue is all the same, is the MAO inhibitor from natural seeds and can be found, for example on ebay, yet most preferably cheap via , there you find also the Mimosa, the Acacia not … at gaiana you also find the Mapacho

acrb stands for acacia conf. root bark, mcrb = mimosa hostilis root bark

The Acacia Confusa tree or root bark is easy and save to get with the addition of ‘natural clothing dye’, the simplest variant to use is powder, but this is currently only available via USA or Hawaii (see web search ‘acacia confusa dye ‘, ,, , )

the ingredients for ‘Original’ Ayahusaca are Banisteriopsis Caapi as MAO Liane, as well as Psychotria Vidris or Chacruna Leaves – these are available at maya-ethnobotanics, or querbeet, the materials are more expensive and more recommended for occasional applications – who knows Ayahuasca from Acacia Confusa and does the comparison, will understand why I suggest this variant as a base.

As soon as the detoxification cure is done, everyone will be grateful a thousandfold for this clear text about Ayahuasca .. and certainly the golden age is faster manifested, the prophecies to be fulfilled bloom exponentially

It needs several applications until it is installed, then you suffer from nausea and co hardly any more, you can even have a working day with micro dosing, your frequency is increased, you are clarified and not at risk to fall into old addiction patterns (human addictions have been: taking to much, thinking in loops about irrelevant data, eating too much, feeding negative emotions, smoking, sexual addicions … you get free from these patterns though connection to your higher godly self in Ayahuasca)

… it takes more than four applications to overcome the physical tiredness as a first reaction and nausea, it is important that this happens first because you are first healed and then literally rebuilt holographically … it disassembles and rebuilds you again, you stay who you are, it does not affect your ability to assess, but extends fractal all that you are, accelerates your evolution … it is not for your entertainment, or ‘just a trip’, it is for your transformation … alternative to Ayahuasca: more than 5 days of darkness, in a cave or pyramid and fasting, this is how it was activated in earlier times bodys-own

use translator:
Hervorgehoben seien hier die Berichte von kk84 zu Ayahuasca:
Ayahuasca-1, Negativität auskotzen und Rückverbindung zur Natur – eine reinigende Reise mit Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca-2, Heilkotzen und neue Formen der Existenz – eine reinigende Erfahrung mit Ayahuasca
<t” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>

Ayahuasca-3, Frequenzerhöhung und Geburtsprozess – geniale Reise mit Ayahuasca

also the DMT-Bibel by kkk84:

If you want not yet to stop completely with smoking, you can for some time switch to a more natural alternative of tobacco as a first step. A more natural and less addictive tobacco, is Mapacho tobacco, which is used by tribes for shamanic ceremonies and clearity for a long time, the behavior with this can be stopped much more easily … after switching the ‘normal’ tobacco feels very toxic in in comparison, yet it contains also nicotine and a mapacho-only cigarette is too heavy, so combine smoke herbs (Calea is f.e. very nice to replace tobacco, otherwise many what is tea can be used, nettle, horsefoot, blackberry leaves, …) and use only less of the shamanic tobacco. One source to buy via europe is or, you also find it on ebay.

Iboga Tree

(helps also effective and fast with negative mental / thinking patterns and depression)
to relieve any kind of attachments and polarities, even in psychic thought or emotion loops, this article on Iboga is worth reading – it has only to be taken once for two-three days in your life and if you go with strong will into it it can help to get you pure and addictions-free as in childhood (article in ger)
(there are many informative articles about Iboga in eng, f.e.:
an alternative cheaper source for Iboga instead of is maya-ethnobotanicals

.. I quote from the ‘ Light Path ‘ article:
‘What supports the way of the liberation from addictions greatly is the legal root bark Iboga … I love(ed) to smoke, but with that it’s gone that you want something, so I don’t want anything because it’s good, it is like in childhood, the pure state (the whole day is like before you started with the addiction) … in the root bark, (when used in low doses) there are no side effects ala nausea or anything else, no optics, a fit and agile day with increased clarity – as in the parallel reality without addictions … also hunger / food topics are temporarily gone during Iboga … ‘

in LucidDream eBook on p.335 you find the page, quoted here:

the title is aware of its contradiction. Ibogain counts in USA, Sweden and Norway as drug, in Germany and most other countries its legal !

this infos is precious, quoted from (super page)

‘Ibogain is an isolated active {psychoactive} alkaloid from the root cortex of the central West African shrub Tabernanthe Iboga. Ibogain has been used by the aborigines of Africa for many hundred years.

The addictive disruptive properties were accidentally discovered by Howard Lotsof in 1962, which at that time was heroin-dependent. After a exhausting 32-hour trip, Lotsof noted that although he had not consumed heroin, he did not notice any withdrawal symptoms.

Lotsof: ‘Afterwards I went and I looked at this tree, and when I looked at him, I realized I was no longer afraid of death and that I was no longer addicted to narcotics.‘ {his wife experienced the same}

This experience gave Lotsof and other scientists the impulse for further medical and scientific research. They found that the Ibogain molecule interacts with different receptors in the brain, but at the same time has a low affinity to them.

However, Ibogain also acts on a biochemical level because it has the ability to reset brain receptors to a state of before dependency. Ibogain is very lipophilic and can remain in the body tissue for a period of months, which means that this anti-addiction effect is prolonged. It can {…} create a window through which people who have the will, can change. ‘

In addition, Iboga is said to be one of the most powerful healers for cancer and MS’

… when I discovered the info, I had no experience with it … now I know that the root bark Iboga is absolutely easy and save and has no energy-drawing side effects … a strenuous but also deep enlightening 32 std phase will only happen, if a much higher amount is consumed at once (more than 5g), what is not needed when its about stop smoking or finding out how to handle it. Higher doses are used when severe additions on alcohol or opioids like heroin are to be cured … for tobacco, thc and other smoke products as well as for emotional cleansing, the root does it’s job, use for the whole 3 day period 3-5 g, this is how you can ‘anytime spontaneously‘ stop with whatever addiction … you take 0.7-1.5g a day directly in the tea, capsules or just in the mouth (strongest effect if can act long on oral mucous membranes, the flavor is comparatively ok) … after a few days you do not need more, because it has an long-lasting-effect … so there was never ‚a feeling of withdrawal’

… with Ayahuasca it helps even more so that one is free from any addiction / 3d habit for hours … because ‘it literally lifts you out of your historical context’ as Terence McKeena describes it so beautifully

Addition: the Iboga effect remains in the tissue even after stopping with Iboga, and at the same time, if you stay away from your addictions it gets better every morning … but you have to deeply want the change and it may help to avoid friends that carry on with addictions that you want to get rid of, also helpful is to draw back in nature and forests are recommended as environment … I’m mostly alone and life back drawn near a forest, what makes it easier … after a few weeks the new state is stable by itself, you learn so much new things to enjoy ‘in the breaks’ instead of smoking – things you already loved as a child, I like to hang upside down in a swing in my trailer, or walking through the forest and sing… because you can not compensate non-smoking with food when you want to get a Pranic Being, the only thing to do left is: tongue rolling, which also triggers body-own dmt … and take time to for Pranic breathing and meditation, then you can install in the cells that they are free from any hunger … The guided-meditations by light being Jashmuheen (youtube) are good to have heard ‘

reading tip – ingenious microdosing Iboga reports by kk84 translator)

Short-Videos zu Iboga Tipp:
Ibogaine and Iboga: What You Need To Know

JOE ROGAN talks about IBOGA TRIP!!! Iboga Treatment vs. DMT

Ultimately, both videos have maximum depth info on Iboga as Entheogenic Master Plant

Tipp is the Facebook group ‘Iboga – Tree of Knowledge’, there is Maren Linda, offering Iboga in best quality:

Many in the group are microdosing it sucessfully.

Page from LucidDream about Kambo and Iboga

is frog secretion and worldwide legal, not hallucinogenic, but one of the most extreme painful ‘detoxification programs’ one can do; lasts only 20 minutes, it is (quasi) a cleaning on cellular level; blood circulation feels fastly accelerated, may feel as if all kind of animal hordes are driven through you, you have pain, body parts get swollen, you spit mucus in colors … after deep body-cleaning your chakras get aligned and emotional blockages solved

Kambo Frog

here what I heard / read | why Kambo is so powerful:

– after these 20 minutes: you are strongly detoxified – everything that wanted to heal, can
– your senses (seeing + perception) are highly sharpened, you are clear and concentrated as never before
– if you wanted to stop with addictions, it will be easy because it causes an addiction-pattern-reset
– (after higher doses) for a time you don’t have body smell, animals can not smell / perceive you ( ! this makes clear why Sapo is so cleansing and reseting)
– you see e.g. the forest / nature in more dimensions, ‘the animals, their paths – all life’, you see ‘through the bushes’
– in tribes Kambo is used to prepare perfectly for the hunt: get unseen, high perception and crystal focused
– less toxins -> next time will be less ‘worse’

(it is important to fast 24 hours before (honey is ok) and three days before and after no salt, no spices, no sexual activity, it works with you longer, it is normal to look afterwards ‘like a frog’, have a swollen face … that fades away after at least three days and is a normal reaction for some, others don’t get swollen … avoid interaction and things that draw your energy on the Kambo day – rest and meditate)


A Kambo stick on which the Frog Poison has been dried, which can be used for more than 40 applications, can be obtained from a good source at (frog venom stick). The package also contains a burning-stick. How to remove the top layer of skin, one learns by looking how it is done when someone who already knows it does it the first time with you (contact the glowing stick very shortly with skin, turning, don’t burn deeply, burning the first skin layer is enough, then remove the skin, so that an open point on which the poison can be applied is prepared, one spits on the Kambo stick, stirs the dried secret to a fluid consistency …) it gets active in the body very very fast, prepare the burned and opened skin points beforehand, also dig two holes before (one in front, one directly back), the secretion should remain on the skin all the time without wiping, you choose body parts accordingly, so that you can still cover up if you need warmth. Arms, legs or chakra points are often chosen as spots, the closer it is to the heart the more intense, otherwise the exact position is not so much of matter because the blood circulation distributes the medicine anyway everywhere. Choose always an odd number of points, I recommend 5 or 7, none on the face or near the throat. It has a self-built-in timer, so that it is over after 20 minutes, then you can wipe away the dried poison. Put on the wounds dragon’s blood (tree antisept), what is included by maya-etnobotanicals in the Kambo stick package, to support the wound healing, but it also works without dragons blood, use any antiseptic oil and just leave it alone … it is normal that the points burn after for a few hours.

Experience from one of my first do-it-yourself Kambos: … what am I proud … the first minutes are the worst, you want it to stop … with each vomiting and shitting it gets better, you sit the best all the time on a bucket, in the front also one (in winter), in the summer you go into the forest and dig two holes, right at the exits over which you kneel during the 20 minutes … my body did shake as well s feel like having fever … I talked good things to me and breathed through – one argument that made it easier is that giving birth is worse 🙂 … after 10 minutes is only half as bad, after the physical detoxification follows the emotional cleansing, it may be that you have to cry, that’s good and shall be

everyone who once had Kambo is likely to do it again … the state after is divine, incredibly clear and swinging, seeing and hearing better, having loads of energy and one does feel as pure as not after 20 aya sessions (it cleanses blood and organs) also the alignment and harmonization of the chakras and energy fields around the body is with each Kambo experience more clearly … on Kambo days I can skip Ayahuasca, then there is a lot of bodys-own dmt active, it feels like being on a cloud, to never need again food or other addictions … I love it – even if you are begging to stop it in the first few minutes … you can do that, no one dies form it … it is comparable to fever and a bad diarrhea flu, that you also managed to get through … only much better how short it is to suffer and how much you’ll profit … thanks Sapo Kambo frog, brought by the gods

I’ve asked my Kambo shaman for more information … golden worth reading

1. Kambo scientific research

2. Contraindications when not to do it

3 .:

Quote: ‘This resin contains peptides substances (dermorfine and deltorfine ) that are analgesic and that strengthens the immune system provoking the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms. The substances in the frog secretion also have antibiotic properties, and strengthen the immune system through the body’s production of antibodies against the poison, also showing great power in the treatment of Parkinson, AIDS, cancer, depression and other diseases. The Deltorfine and Dermorfine today are synthetically produced by pharmaceutical laboratories .

There is also, due to its purgative effect, an obvious process of detoxification of the liver (usually one vomits up bitter bile) of intestine (through evacuations) and of the entire digestive system. The katukina also use it as the antidote in case of snake bite, medicine for many illness, and as a tonic.

But to the native, the main cause for taking Kambô is to fight ‘panema’. ‘panema’ means sadness, lack of luck, irritation: ‘bad aura’ – as someone once well translated. The person is with “panema” when nothing goes right and nothing is good. The basic purpose of Kambô is ‘taking off the panema’ in order to go hunting and to attract women.

And that, however difficult it is to the Western thought to accept, is the main purpose of Kambô: it establishes a spiritual ‘management chock’ in the life of people, a ‘chakra realignment’, a mark for organic and psychological reorganization, from which the person changes attitude and change their future patterns of health.’

# 5-Legal-Psychedelics-for-Lucid-Dreams

– Calea Zacatechichi (Mexican dreamherb) ~ lucid dreams
(Calea tested: super – lightening room the first night after tea / smoking)
– Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort) ~ astral work
– Heimia Salicifolia (sun opener) ~ memory journey
– Celastrus Paniculatus (intelligence-tree) ~ sharper thoughts Gedanken
– Silene Capensis (African dreamherb) ~ phrophetic dreams
(tested: much more intense dreams)

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