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the current state is overwhelming everything – so LucidDream becomes history, the book is the missing piece of puzzles between shamanic knowledge, the active ingredients of nature and knowledge of humanity. the following text describes what has already begun … it is not about what you believe, its about information reaching you. Things will happen in your life that remind you to look a second time …

no-matter-what great project you planed for this year .. now is the time to suddenly stop with everything and ‘have time’. Because moving things in the 3D world doesn`t make sense anymore.

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It’s not about the last one getting it! It will happen, it has already begun that the fourth dimension superimposes.
We will soon see a change from 3D to 5D … a new model man and earth will replace all previous ones, its not about survival, but about finding your inner task and be ready. Useless knowledge will be erased, new skills will be installed and all artificial products of our civilization will dissolve into their components … the planet does not have to be cleaned or repaired.

Shortly before the dimension jump, one sees seemingly incredible objects (which one should not touch), while at the same time your own thoughts create the reality. If you’re afraid, or think you’re going crazy, you might get victim to it. This can be avoided if one has only positive thoughts. (f.e.a.r. = feel excited and ready)

At the same time, the attempt is made to keep the phase “no place on earth is safe anymore, everyone goin crazy …” very short, or even to skip (this is possible mainly due to the generation of crystal children).

Whoever is mentally ready, will the closer we get to the event, access new skills … will not need many supplies or things, will have access to direct knowledge.
‘you can google on the internet, but you can wander on the inner-net’

The artificially produced things of our civilization will not endure the phase-shift of Dimensions and disintegrate into its components (everything that has no living structure in the DMT space, see LucidDream: #two-pages-for-humanity-about-DMT) … yes, also houses … as soon as you notice that things are dissolving, go into nature.

An underground cave and large quantities of supplies are not a sensible reaction, but rather a mental and character preparation. 3D space and consciousness are disassembled, superimposed … within a few days the shift to 5 dimensions takes place. It is best to be close to nature and know what will happen.

Absolute healing is possible during the dimension-shift … so far only 5% of our DNA was active and 95% ‘junk’ DNA … afterwards 100% DNA is activated – which we can use to perfect the body in a very short time.

here are the crucial videos that complement the #most-important-page-of-mankind (currently p. 227 in LucidDream):

Drunvalo Melchizedek: What Will Happen During The Shift?

why 2008 the new consciousness was already ‘born’,
connected to history of humanity and all indigenous tribes:
Drunvalo Melchizedek: The birth of a new humanity 84 min
(here everything is explained in deep correlation)

every human can activate a spaceship around him, called ‘Mer-ka-ba’

the Merkaba is a rotating energy field in sacred geometry which can be generated from the geometry of man, as well as from the fact that the human body is an electric coil. The rotating electric field of a star tetrahedron produces an body-own magnetic field, the fields can be stabilized by connection in the heart as a luminous DaVinci-Sphere. This allows a permanent activation of the fourth dimension, the additional dimension shifts that will come, will become a game. Millions of People are already not only living in your 3D reality, but can switch to higher dimensions by activating their Merkaba / Kundalini / Telos / Hearts. The way to the higher dimensions is love – your heart is about 5000 times magnetically stronger than the brain – we are a projection of god / the whole and can activate it.

With Merkaba-meditation one can build up a body-own magnetic field that can compensate a temporarily lacking earth magnetic field. The Merkaba light-field can easily manage the coming dimensional changes. You do not have to learn anything more because after connecting to the 4th and 5th Dimension, you have access to direct knowledge.

In the cities, the message arrives at last, because the millions of awakened don`t live there – and most people used to ignore spirituality.
Everything starts with a detoxified body / pineal gland / third-eye. Many industrial products make you literally blind, e.g. the toxin Flouroide is in many countries also added to tap water. If you want to connect to higher dimensions, it is crucial what you eat.

In addition to the technical method to activate the Merkaba (Merkaba-Meditation, or Merkabah Lightbody Practice and 12 strand DNA Alignment), there is also a female way to connect into the space of the heart: Entering into the Sacred Space within the Heart – Female Way

the activation of the 8 antennas around the pineal gland also works, you can simply connect these wires permanently … after a few days you can see with closed eyes your ‘first eye’ with connected rays, here the instructions:
How to fully activate Pineal Gland antennas Drunvalo Melchizedek

Watch the great movie Interstellar (2014) to understand the love in the physics – a masterpiece in regards to the #worldformula. Love and gravitation is the only thing that surpasses all dimensions – not faith, but love moves mountains. Therefore the way to the heart is the key. Here is a helpful picture, that is how it feels if you already 4D – time gets a game board:

(‘Game of Life’ by John Stephens)
Many have alread access to the 4th dimension and don`t know

7 Signs You Are Starting To Live In The Fifth Dimension
– Don`t Ignore Them!

Here, the physics of 5D as well as the deeper understanding is revealed:
5 Signs You’re In The 5th Dimension

We still have some time to prepare our bodies. When the earth magnetic field drops and the shifting vibrations come, you are likely to lose all memory and maybe feel in danger … which is ultimately no problem because also who dies is shifted to 5D and re-appears there – no one will get lost. But you need an active Merkaba / a lot of love in your heart, otherwise the change in dimensions will be ‘bumpy’. Some will turn on their Merkaba spontaneously (without knowing its name) because they just connect to their heart. For over 10 years, the 4th dimension is already interlacing, thats why anomalous things have long been a reality … detoxification is so important, eat only what hat living fine-structure as well as a natural life-rhythm without time and dates are useful to activate the pineal gland … otherwise the fields may ‘blow you away ‘ … and they will certainly come soon, the access to primal information grows super-exponentially … healing now no longer works only by herbs / natural medicine, but also through your Merkaba … after a few days / weeks everyone who is aware can activate 4D … as soon as you are 5D, you are #God, because with this all dimensions are accessible.

The biologic-physical factors leading to an soon happening metamorphosis are clear …
… we still have some time … the time stretches until the critical mass of a few hundred million is reached and in harmony … there is no reason for the hustle and urge – on the contrary: it gets slower the more you know

If you follow the links on this page, you really learn everything that you need to know.
For #demand-of-completeness you find deep scientific insight by Melchizedeks film: ‘2012 – Prophecies from the Heart‘. We are at a critical point in time periods between the ice-ages (!!! – thats why the shift in consciousness will happen before the earth naturally gets within 3 days a global average temp of -50 degress for 90.0000 years – this shaked the press some years ago to be forgotten again) … in the movie you are revealed all mathematics and scientific brilliance about the flower-of-life as well as the secret on how-to-create things within the sacred space of your heart / how to be god. Additionally to the unification of all it becomes clear why Melchizedek is a #fractal-simmilarity-mapping of Jesus. #awesome