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It’s about:
man is at the same time creator,
the universe is not around us,
the universe is in us

it is time that mankind knows what DMT and Salvia Divinorum is … in comparison with science this decodes everything

DMT – the Spirit Molecule: decrypts God
Salvia Divinorum – seer`s sage: decodes creation

LucidDream is the missing puzzle-piece between shamanic knowledge, the active ingredients of nature and knowledge of humanity

… we-are-one get’s body-own applicable, everyone can activate, the technical as well as intuitive way is explained, healing as well as capiche-and-copy-nature … it is already lived thousandfold
LucidDream makes clear, why soon there will be a phase-shift in our frequency-perception. Our cells are principally immortal, we learn life-preservation … sacred geometry kisses science … time for a new age

LucidDream is symphony of global awakening

It is something like a new bible, containing everything that’s important to know,
it decrypts life, evolution, swarm intelligence

… after entering the rabbit hole, at p, 80 it starts with the
#world-formula. The world-formula is the basis for explaining evolution, metamorphosis and immortality of man and making it understandable through biology / physics / nature.

Humanity describes soon a metamorphosis, which is triggered by swarm-intelligence.

LucidDream prepares for the most important information for humanity: our age will end very soon, we will experience a metamorphosis / dimensional shift.
This sounds unbelievable, therefore it`s published now, after only two month of creation. The production as media-all-in audiobook and final-movie is finished, here you find the youtube playlist.

The LucidDream may be ripped, expanded and re-published by everyone.

LucidDream is template for a public domain #Swarm-Book – this powerpoint source file may be changed and re-published by anyone. (ca 210 MB)


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LucidDream Audiobook Expansion

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Author is the Global Consciousness

The composer, Kess zerogravity, is age 33
Master of Science in Theoretical Physics
former member of the young ThinkTank30 of the Club of Rome
Initiator of Transition Town Regensburg
rainbow-creature, forest fairy, seed-of-light,
sparkle of revolution and evolution


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