‘its two sides of the same coin’ – don’t get in struggle, this just speeds up domino chain in background

each flat earth video quoted in LucidDream Audiobook 5-2/7 FLAT-EARTH, GIANT-TREES, Vortex-Math, Prana-Breath, Dimensionshift … has > hundredthousands to million of clicks … and a reason why you can’t debunk it

its not about polarity of belive, the reason behind goes deep … the model is helpful to get in #vector-equilibrium = stillness = #prime-creator-mode = tree-of-life
“you are center of the universe – as soon you understand teleportation (yes beaming like scotty) – you need flat earth/tree of life/as-above-so-below/cosmic-egg model to get anywhere …

‘when you want to teleport, better use flat-earth-map’

#flat-earth-expansion in LucidDream around p.238