LucidDream – 000 – Science meets Magic

ger version: KlarTraum – 000- Wissenschaft trifft Magie

record of a talk with a professor for physics

connecting Plant Masters, Spirituality and body-own activation to topics of Physics, Phase-Transition, Multidimensional Awakening, Frequency Shift, Effects of Bees in a seven-star geometry, Work of Heinrich Sannemann, Fine-Structure investigations, Work of Victor Grebenikov / Anti-Gravity Platform, Experience of Parallel Reality Portals / Swarm-Intelligence through Ayahuasca, Salvia Divinorum and Bees, Healing and Breatharianism / Pranic Living, Work of Physicist Gabi Müller – Viva Vortex – Swirl Perspective, world formula and convergence point for consciousness evolution, Mandela-Effect and Salvia-Effect, Multiple You Theory

find LucidDream ebook for download here:

Pages on LucidDream ebook summarizing Gabi Müllers Swirl Perspective work (x^x):
533-546. These pages are also placed in the photo album

cross connecting links:
Photo Album – Science Related Eye Openers –

Study: ‘Spirit Molecule’ dmt keeps cells alive while oxygen levels are low

Article about how Salvia Divinorum switches off consciousness, via docking to the kappa receptors:

Article where I summarize the stunning effects and analogies to physics of Salvia

Work of physicist Gabi Müller:

Grebenikovs work – anti gravity platform (he built a box where he could hover and fastly move by use of insect wings)


Article about secret secretion nectar / body own dmt with all the infos in the talk of Santos Bonacci, mapping the Jesus story to body anatomy (Christ-within), together with link to find out when the moon is in your starsign every month:

About the work of frequency scientist Heinrich Sannemann (he found out about the bees when putting them in a seven star geometry), and how their frequency varies when they are produced natural or not, I made a article, summarizing the best of his books.

Preview of the visual optics one has under influence of body own or plant master induced expanded consciousness. Yet know, it’s not just optics or seeing it, you become it:

Especially interesting analogy:
KlarTraum Mandela Effect = Salvia Effect – ultimate thrill realization
(here also the story of the guy who spent 8 years in Texas in another parallel reality life through Salvia is told, also the comments of Joe Rogan and Dennis McKenna about the time and space bending properties of Salvia and Bufo Alvarius = 5 meo dmt)

How-DMT-Salvia-Portal-acts / God-in-Black-Hole

relevant LucidDream audiobooks:
LucidDream Audiobook 2 / 7 – DMT, Ayahuasca and Speech-to-Humanity

LucidDream Audiobook 3 / 7 – Salvia Divinorum and Swarm-Intelligence, Derivation of Immortality

(background music during talk / rainbow songs is original surrounding live music at the World Prana Festival 2019)

Wakanoa – Frei wie eine Feder (Cosmo Voices by Wakanoa)
Wakanoa – Elfants Sunrise
Wakanoa – Cosmic Flute
Wakanoa – Elf Space
Wakanoa – Harumn 174 Hz