LucidDream AFTERHOUR – 441 Synchronotron, ROOT-Language, WortKraftSchwingung, Portal-Cinema

hier gibts den ersten Teil bis Min 26 in deutsch – wunderschön gesprochen von Fred:

das DMT-Salvia-Portal-Kino in deutsch findet sich in KlarTraum AFTERHOUR ab min 40

‘Everything that is, ever was, or will be is happening NOW’

become the dimensional shift, get introduced to the 441-Master Code Index, the universal frequency of Synchronization … GOD-is-Number = Galactic Ordering Dynamic … the meaning of frequency is timed to the moment it enters your awareness!

the first 30 min is a introduction to law-of-time and natural 13 : 20 timing, T(E)=ART, the 441-Master Matrices and 260-Tzolkin harmonic unit – linked to our Holomind Perciver Telepathy Organ … how number circuits and planets map archetypes, 12 HUNAB KU 21 power of self-creation

… after 30 min it flows into the gorgeous sound of light-language, listen to root-language in oral passed on Finish Saga – what asounds the origin of mankind

a great software is hinted: WortKraftSchwingung (works in all languages) … it translates every word or sentence into its frequency … can be used for healing, meditation, chakra-activation, resolving knots … exploring how our neural network stores meaning / information within the frequency range … our evolutionary step is to master frequency and geometry (a la platonic solids) body-own

finally finally the DMT-Salvia-Portal-Cinema (at last pages in LucidDream book) give a multidimensional preview, preluded by: #Legalize-Evolution, #Meditation-vs-Konsum, #how-DMT-Salvia-Portal-acts

with this the multimedia production of LucidDream is FINISHED

441-Script + Erweiterung Wirbel-Perspektive (nicht als audio) in der KlarTraum-Erweiterung in deutsch:
in eng:

– Script of this Video + 441-Synchronotron, Master Telepathy Code,
law-of-time, how-to-Holomind-Perciver + DMT-Salvia-Art Media-All-In … (ca 140 MB)
– Useful Smartphone Apps for 13-Moon-Calendar / Tzolkin: Dreamspell, Mayacal

– Bock Saga – erster Teil der finnischen Familiengeschichte von Ior Bock –
– Light Language Activations By Lightstar – Lyran and Pleiadian Starseed
– Wort Kraft Schwingung – Trailer 3 (Kopfhörer aufsetzen!!! und laut hören), Andreas Körber
– 45 Hz ist die Wort-Kraft-Schwingung von ICH BIN (über TTG als Sinuston aufs Wasser übertragen)
– Die Macht der Zirbeldrüse mit der Frequenz 15578 Hz Komplementär von 22123 Hz Venus-Spin – Mike Powers

WortKraftSchwingung Software: