LucidDream Audiobook 5-1/7 – Conference-of-Underground, 5D Shift, Merkaba

this is where the LucidDream falls into a black hole
… here your reality ends

… #sit-down-to-hear
why cities will die-out and why before 2020 a wave is coming
… all artificial produced things of our civilisation will disintegrate into their components

Science and spirituality have already been united
LucidDream was prelude

what is called metamorphosis in this act, is in detail a dimensional change from 3D to 5D, that is about to happen to everyone. we know because we will trigger it ourselves

you don’t have to wait for ‘the wave’, you can activate a body-own multidimensional ‘space ship’ in short time: the mer-ka-ba … this leads into the ‘sacred space of your heart’ … #dimension-shift-do-it-yourself

this chapter had to be expanded, therefore there will be three parts
… Part 2/3 of #Conference-of-Underground goes deeper into Merkaba, reveals Gods-Math ala Vortex Math, Internal-Stargates and the-how-to-cosmic-breath/prana-breath …
… some days ago a hint reached me … that already started a domino chain … it`s mind-blowing for humanity (#flat-earth and #no-forests-on-flat-earth)… awakening gets visible

the used images are not all from me,
use as #fairuse … all rights by Chuck Norris

used music:
Merkaba-Rap-Meditation – 18 breath to ecstsy with beats
E-Mantra – Silence feat. Terence McKenna quoting Corpus Hermeticum

audiobook is p.206-222 in the book