LucidDream Audiobook 3/7 – Salvia Divinorum and Swarm-Intelligence, Derivation of Immortality

Part4: p. 142 – 186

… we have overlooked something … insects are so small …
after reviewing the insect documentation ‘Hellstrom Chronicle’, every one can count up 1 + 1 … why humanity will suddenly go through a metamorphosis …
… after the stumbling stone #evolution-by-drugs. our ‘Creation Mission’ gets meaning … the unification of science and psycho-active nature composes the human metamorphosis, the union of creation, evolution and religion, as well as the meaning of life

‘It is time for Humanity to know what Salvia Divinorum is’
… here the immortality is derived, Stephen Hakwing and Salvia-Trip reports deliver the key:


– the salvia universe tells you about its diversity in the oldest language of universe, in stories of pictures … let the eighth day creation been told … you become an #Astronaut – the #Tale-of-Life

alternatively, the decryption of immortality shoots by the scientific ‘perspective-gun’ #Biology-in-Metaspace

– here, research meets consciousness expansion … Science kisses Sacred Geometry … Stephen Hawkings M-Theory and Quantum Creation as well as Quantum Loop Gravitation complement beneath the work of Nassim Haramein the #world-formula-physic

you learn how immortality works … and why shaman is a programmer

“wish you a lot of fun in the next age … you have mastered the game … unlocked the bonus level: paradise-in-you, paradise-on-earth … until we have recovered from the shock, from the trauma that was bofore … good morning God

we really tried to tell you.. in the movies that say that there are magicians and fabulous beings … all the psychadelic art has meaning … but without our child ‘the science’, we would still been treated as crazy for1000 years and burned … yes, so many heroes of your youth have really lived … you were already in their film … everything is picture”

the used images are not all from me,
use as #fairuse … all rights by Chuck Norris

used music:
Pleiadian Friend (ambient _ psychill _ psybient mix)
Symbolic & Zen Mechanics – Psycological Effects (Kalya Scintila Remix)