LucidDream Audiobook 4/7 – Rainbow Gathering Peace-Movement, Swarm-Human, real-time-Evolution

Part4: p. 187 – 205
follow a journey on planet earth
what is already growing and thriving …

for more than 50 years, something is happening that surpasses
your wildest phantasies …we are rising up …

… a love declaration to the global tribe of all nations, races, creatures

a meeting in circles, connected with nature, for all tribes, nations,
people of all colors …
is a holistic circle for our species on this planet
… shapes future life forms … in the rhythm of the lunar cycles

a fractal growing organism … forms anarchy and chaos, love and unity

‘creating a rainbow … is creating cozy and soft places for magicians‘

mountain, valley, river … a huge area
… retreats as well as silence
connectivity as wildness
space for saturation of every need

‘diversity is evolution of consciousness’

Rainbow Gatherings take place constantly, in many places at the same time … from the temples of the Maya to the landscapes close to the nature reservations … far away from the old system … in the motherships of life … this is how we work best

there flourishes lives life since 1972 … and waits
until the planet wants to recover from the illness man created

… until we can expand our paradise…


the used images are not all from me,
use as #fairuse … all rights by Chuck Norris

some rainbow pics by Matjaz Krivic, see www
some from Benoit Paillé, see

music finish:
‘Phase 1: the Great Deep OM – Aum – Mantra (hum It)’
by DJ M.T. Space