LucidDream Final 1/3-2 ABRAKADABRA-2 – Ayahuasca, DNA-Activation, LucidDreaming, Nutrition

LucidDream pages 234-255

Immortal means that your 12-Strang-DNA + Cells are immortal – what soon everyone will understand and functionalize – you only die by accident or being killed – no aging, no decay – once you life, speak and feel #sacred-geometry

Ayahuasca and activation / ascension are the same way

Note: you don`t need to travel somewhere for Ayahuasca, its great to do-it-yourself, plant material is legal, yet Ayahuasca in most countries not, so be aware. Herewith the info about legality in video is corrected. Ayahuasca helps from ‘i can’t do this’ to ‘i want this’ to ‘boa, this is great!’. It’s Ur-Mecidine … understand how you get part of the whole … Life is perfect – every habit was distraction

I-Ching One Page oldest Book:

Ka-Runa-I-Ching-Media-All-In + pdf about Luciddreaming-Symbols i’m talking about

is quoted as ‘the proove’ for mankind
television report SWR
“Wissenschaftliche Sensation – Verbotene Entdeckung von 1988”
someone will translate this in all languages 🙂

here language-and-dna channelings that clearify what will set-free humanity (all in youtube):
Cymatics Language DNA Pt. 1-6
DNA Can Be Influenced Reprogrammed By Words Frequencies
Healing your DNA with your Heart and Consciousness
The Secrets of Cymatics and Sacred Geometry

… in next part HEUREKA all-in-about dna-activation
in-between here a frequency that can be as powerful as a shamanic experience:
963 Hz Solfeggio Frequency – Pineal Gland Activation – Frequency of God:

used music: