LucidDream Final 1/3 ABRAKADABRA: Language, 12-Strand-DNA, Runes, I-Ching, 3-6-9, Electro-Universe

LucidDream pages 234-255

…in LucidDream Final-Trilogy will be decrypted how to become-creator, activate immortal 12-Strand-DNA and understand, why humanity will soon be a species that simply can-not harm itself or surrounding 🙂 ‘… be prepared for galactic ocatve’ (I-Ching)

I-Ching One Page oldest Book:

here the 441 thing i’m talking about:

Ka-Runa-I-Ching-Media-All-In (ca 370 mb)

is quoted as ‘the proove’ for mankind
television report SWR
“Wissenschaftliche Sensation – Verbotene Entdeckung von 1988”
someone will translate this in all languages 🙂

Language and DNA channelings (all in youtube):
Cymatics Language DNA Pt. 1-6, Purple Haze
DNA Can Be Influenced Reprogrammed By Words Frequencies, Receiving Love
Healing your DNA with your Heart and Consciousness, Dr. Talmor HolisticWellness
The Secrets of Cymatics and Sacred Geometry, Michael Rea

connection of body geometry, Chakras and Numbers 1-9, Vortex-Math

Video-Snippets are from ‘Matrix explained knowledge from the abyss’
by Людин Рɣси

the whole universe is semantic and communicates
every tree, every flower can speak … but to learn to listen, learn to speak

#Ka-Runa and #Bukvitsa
volumetric information, multiphacetted … simple and clear messages – in the language itself is planted axiomatic of life

remember that each rune is tied to nature

Runes have similarities to the Chineese I-Ching: the 64 Codon Language of your DNA …

Runes = periodic table of nature
I-Ching = periodic table of change over time

dna is fluid and transformatory, you can activate 12 strands
the language you speak and think directly influences the dna
dna is acceptor and transmitter of frequency …

all we ever talked about, every word are just models … it makes also a lot of sense that there is nothing like electrons, protons, orbits … and we life just in an electro-universe, and electricity equals informations, equals energy equals consciousness …

seems that our periodic table of elements by mendeley was manipulated, so we could never get it … the original ‘table of electroatoms’ is very simple, … created out of doubling and halfing within circles … its spherical, has a zero period and zero row …
it means everything because this table is full universe in it, visible and invisible – this is how you create matter = manifestation

+hints on #teleportation

· numbers do not move, but the functions move instead.
– a particle that does not bend, but causes everything in the universe to curve around it…
… 9 decodes everything – you are 9