LucidDream Final 2/3 HEUREKA – Pineal Gland, 12-DNA Activation, I-Ching, Delete-Evil, TimewaveZero

LucidDream pages 234-255

what it is about with collodial metals … how-to-activate Pineal Gland and understanding body-own-production of DMT … an ’how-you-unlock your DNA’ … I-Ching is explained … why there is no ‘danger’ is you are 9 … how to create out of sound, power of Solfeggio … how dark energy / Khi allow infinite self-preservation …+ the evolutionary meaning of Psychedelics, (Timewave-zero, Terence McKenna is heard) … 4D and 5D is explained … Trailer to Rainbow Gatherings … whats the reason behind blood-over-intent … comment and shortcuts about Marina Abramovich and Gor Timofey Rassadin … what this makes visible … and why #delete-evil is the pre-stage of Heureka

Script to 12-13-DNA-Activation:

I-Ching one-page oldest book:

Ka-Runa-I-Ching-Media-All-In (+ pdf about Luciddreaming and Symbols)

Language and DNA – youtube Videos
… essential understanding how thoughts form our reality – and DNA-Language reacts to ours:
Cymatics Language DNA Pt. 1-6:
DNA Can Be Influenced Reprogrammed By Words Frequencies
Healing your DNA with your Heart and Consciousness:
The Secrets of Cymatics and Sacred Geometry:

solfeggio frequencies can be as powerful as a shamanic experience … music used in video:
– Activate Qi Flow With OM Mantra Powerful Drums ➤ Solfeggio 852 963 Hz ⚛
– 2675 Hz Music for the Pineal Gland Powerful Crystal Resonator Tibetan Bowls Slow Drum Water Sound
– Cricket-Chorus: Jim Wilson _ God’s Chorus of Crickets _ crickets audio recording slowed way down:
– 963 Hz Solfeggio Frequency – Pineal Gland Activation – Frequency of God:
– 528 hz: Unlock your Codons!:
– Inner and Outer Space – inspired by Terence McKenna

Crowdfunding for printed-book (also pre-order):