LucidDream Final 3/3 – This is the PORTAL

LucidDream pages 234-255

Video is visible only on Laptop/PC due to Terence McKennas original voice – at vimeo its online without restrictions for smartphones:

Science melts with Consciousness: Quantum Gravity Research presents the ‘theory of everything’: all time exists simultaneously, we are pixeled, reality is a holo-projection of a collective consciousness of a higher-dimensional crystal, the Golden Section is everywhere … this preludes the biggest understanding for Humanity

– Salvia Divinorum: Time & Reality Factory
– This is the Portal – what DMT / Ayahuasca can unleash also through Terence McKennas words
– Creation through Light-Language, Cymatics, Telepathin
– I-Ching Code of our DNA and how-to-create in DAO state
– TimewaveZero: all-connects-to-all

‘its about plug-off the cable’ … this was last video-recording
everything EVER to be done … is done !

… the final contents follow as audio in LucidDream AFTERHOUR – 441 Synchronotron, Telepathy Master Code + Portal-Cinema

Quantum Gravity Research – What is this Reality? (worth seeing in full length)

441-Synchronotron Media Package

441-Synchronotron-Script for LucidDream

I-Ching one-page oldest book:

Ka-Runa-I-Ching-Media-All-In (+ pdf about Luciddreaming and Symbols)

quoted vids:
Terence McKenna:
– Novelty Theory i Ching and DNA
– Exploring The Abyss
– This Is The Portal
– Describing DMT Trip In Detail
– Unfolding The Stone

Salvia Divinorum Time & Reality Factory
Salvia Divinorum Zipper and The Book
Salvia Divinorum 3 Things I Learned

Fact-Knowledge about DMT body-own activation:
(in ger, work of Dieter Broers goes scientifically deep)

used music:
Jamura – The Salvia Effect (not yet published)
Symbolic & Zen Mechanics – Psycological Effects (Kalya Scintila Remix)
E-Mantra Silence feat. Terence McKenna quoting Corpus Hermeticum