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here are the movies:
MIND OVER MATTER I – Breatharian & Pranic Documentation (+ eng Subtitels)

MIND OVER MATTER II – Breatharian & Pranic Documentation (+ eng Subtitels)

bestof-quotes part 1

‘There is something that changes so
drastically, when inside of you, you know
that you don’t need anything.

You don’t need anything and therefore you
can have everything and be everything.

Your mindset completely changes,
some things and deep drama about
survival, just slowly moves out.’
(Kacper Maciej Postawski)

‘It feels like there is like this
energetic blockage that was removed.

And it feels like, all of
my chakras are being aligned.

So it’s like on all layers
I’m just being cleaned –
and I’ve just vacuumed out all the crap –
it feels incredible’
(Just Love Prana)

‘It was like I was out of the field of
suffering for the first time as an adult.

It was like I felt perfect in my
body, like everything worked.

It opened my eyes, I was like:
‘Oh my God, we don’t need this’’
(The Wanderlust Woman)

‘I haven’t needed to eat for 8 or 9 months now,
its pretty amazing.

I have constant energy,
non-stop, non-stop –

there’s a clarity in my heart,
in my mind about this reality

I wasn’t there before’
(Kacper Maciej Postawski)

‘The only reason we need food, is the same reason
that in our society we need a God outside of us.

So, we also go to a source of
love outside of ourselves
and really food is this for us also.’
(The Immortality Process)

‘The part where you can physiologically change
your matrix, where you actually don’t need food
anymore takes 3-4 days.

The part where you have to decondition your mind
from thinking that food has something to offer
for you, energetically, mentally, spiritually –
that has been a process.

And it’s been a process of love, of self-acceptance –
radical self-love and self-acceptance.’
(Kacper Maciej Postawski)

‘So you understand: ‘Wait a second, I don’t
have to be sick, why do I have to be sick?’

And you understand that as a Breatharian because your
body is completely clean of toxins all the time.

You are going to live much longer without being sick.’
(Ray Maor)

‘If you have a not-separation with yourself,
there is not something about what
you can be afraid.’
(Victor Truviano)

‘So I discriminate, what
is the food, the nutrition, the vitamin
so it doesn’t exist that for me.

The question have not space
between us’
(Victor Truviano)

‘During this dry-fast, I’ve been exercising
every single day multiple times.

I have been doing, you know, jogging
I’ve been doing a lot of hiking, I’ve been
doing a lot of swimming in the ocean
and … just all of this,
I have all of this energy.’
(Just Love Prana)

Why you actually accomplish Breatharianism
is because you realize, you don’t lack anything
and by realizing that, very deeply,

you start to remove
all of these deep programmings and beliefs,
that we have – that we do lack something.

And we won’t need an outside
source to fill us anymore.

When we realize that we are not empty,
then we won’t need something to fill us.’
(The Immortality Process)


bestof-Zitate Teil 2:
‘You’ll never get the recommendation
to dry fast from any medical professional –
basically because it would put them on off a job.

Essentially, because dry fasting can cure
pretty much any illness.’
(Just Love Prana)

‘Abundance. What is abundance?
Is it having a lot of stuff? Is it having a lot of money?
Is it being able to buy everything that you want?

Being able to do, everything that you want, go on
trips and finally have all your problems solved?

Or is it, by definition:
The ability to do what you want –
when you wanna do it.

This is an interesting thing, think about it!’
(Kacper Maciej Postawski)

‘The food you’re eat has nothing
to do why your heart is beating,
why your liver is moving – it does not.

That is the great lie – that’s what
the ball game is all about.’
(Elitom El-Amin)

‘Just listening to a lot of these so-called
Breatharians, speak on their experiences,
they all seem to agree,
at least mostly agree,

that it’s not the fasting that got them
to where they are, with their health,

not the active deliberately not-eating,
that enabled them to archive such a thing
as not requiring food.

Instead it’s the emotional healing,
it’s the emotional honesty.
that enables them to do this.’
(Raw Healing Mastery)

‘Meditation for me is not sit down
and to be 40 minutes in silence –
because after this 40 minutes in silence there
is 23 hours and 20 minutes more in the day.

With the meditation is coming through me
and with I don’t need to do something for meditate.’
(Victor Truviano)

‘But we have to come to the sludge,
we have to come to the heaviness
and we have to rise out of it,

we have to come to the heaviness
and transcend it to lightness.

That is the challenge, that is the
purpose, that is the whole point.’
(The Immortality Process)

‘This is what really should be mentioned
as the main nutrition
when you go on Breatharian – is: DMT.

It is bodies-own automatically produced
the more you – the clearer you get, it is in meditation –
your body will do it when you go to the limits.

And this will bring you a lot of clarity,
you will not need
much outer sources anymore.’
(Kess zerogravity)

‘Sooner or later they should come into this mindset,
that every time their desire say:
‘Oh, I wanna taste this’ –
it won’t be on hunger.

But when they taste it, that pleasure –
it will start fading right away.

and they’ll find them selves in this cycle –
over and over again, showing: That will never be
fulfilled, this will keep going on and on – what’s next?’
(Elitom El-Amin)

‘And so this belief that you have
consciously is gonna have time
to soak into your subconscious mind frame.

And so just cutting out all food, cutting out
all liquids could be a complete disaster.

Someone could end up very
sick or end up in the hospital,
because their subconscious mind is still
believing, that is what will happen to them
if they refrain from taking in
outside sources to fill them.’
(The Immortality Process)

‘Actually at the end of the day, we
are all Breatharian on some level,

we are all absorbing cosmic particles, we are all
primarily sustained by the power of our breath.

And the food is kind of secondary to that.’
(Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan)

‘Now listen at this:
It’s a high unified consciousness,
that has nothing to do with dying
and going somewhere else!

This is life you’re living in –
you don’t know nothing about that!

So sit you in life –
and your feet is on the ground,
you keep running hard
and keep maintaining life
because it goes continually –
that is the great lie!

We are going to the IMMORTAL consciousness now –
a unified consciousness does not die.

We’re coming out with it now,
we shoot straight from the hell.’
(Elitom El-Amin)

‘I woke up every morning
one hour before sunlight –
and I had all this energy and
didn’t loose weight.
And I fed myself through singing’
(Kess zerogravity)

‘The best advantage is that
you have more time to yourself.

And why is that? Because you’re not digesting.
The body has more energy,
thats like 2-3 hours every day.

Plus: You’re not shopping, plus you’re
not cleaning the dishes afterwards,

you save money eventually,
you have more time for yourself, so you
go to sleep later and you wake up earlier.’
(Ray Maor)

‘And when we just get rid of the food for
a certain controlled number of days,
there are profound gifts:

That our being wants to speak to us
without the masking of that information.

But now we incarnated into the planet to do this kind of work,
to cut some of theses cycles,
that are no longer sustainable on this planet.’
(Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan)

‘It’s your spiritual ego, that wants to go
all the way – so it can prove to others’
And he told: ‘You have already proven everything
that you need to prove – so forget about it.’

That kind of like took a huge rock out of my heart –
I thought: ‘You know something – he’s right,
we don’t need to proof anything to anyone’

Ya, you can go a while, a few month
without food to prove to yourself
and to break the programming
that you used to have.

But after that, go back, eat occasionally,
enjoy … enjoy both worlds – why not?
But the brain, the belief-system needs to
change – you need to change, a lot,

from what you think food is – and the different
sources of nourishment a person can have.

It is divine – universal energy,
that one can really really use.’
(Ray Maor)

‘You are energy, its what you’re made out
of – why would you need it? You are it!’
(The Immortality Process)

‘The thing that because a person has
more time for himself and self-fulfilment,
which is something that is missing here in
our life – that is the biggest development.

Because it comes from the fact that
suddenly – you don’t need this frame:
this frame of a marriage, or university, or work …
suddenly you have more time to be
who you where supposed to be.’
(Ray Maor)

‘So ultimately, really it is just about letting go.

Letting go of all these false programmings,
letting go of all these false
identities of who you think you are,
of you think you should do.

When you let go of all this falseness,
all that will be left is realness.’
(The Immortality Process)

‘The true high is within.
All these false high’s are outside of us.

That’s the challenge: Will you keep looking
outside of you,
or will you finally just peak within?

If you do, you will realize: ok, I don’t need this,
I don’t need this, I don’t need this,

as you do that you fell like:
I have this, I have this, I have this.

That’s really the key, your reality has to
overwhelm the outside – not the other way around.’
(The Immortality Process)

‘Think about it – if you are God, this is the ultimate
challenge for you, this is really hard right?
This is a really hard challenge.

Really ultimately, all we’re really
moving towards in evolution,

is really where we came from –
which is the non-physical,

in a sense, we were, you know, in
a very light unlimited state there.’
(The Immortality Process)

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