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Wichtige Info zu Risiken und essentielles Wissen, bevor man in die Lichtnahrung einsteigt: https://klatraum.uber.space/wordpress/risiken-und-essentielle-information-bevor-man-in-die-lichtnahrung-geht/

Important Information about risks and knowledge that is required before starting into the Breatharian / Pranic path: https://klatraum.uber.space/wordpress/risks-and-essential-information-before-starting-into-the-breatharian-path/

A world-wide movement / evolution of humans gets visible. Humans that live without solid food and some of them also without water – they are nourished through Prana / inner light and breathing. The potential of healing and a shift of frequency, as well as the realization of immortality in physical light bodies is enormous. The documentary shows about a dozen of people of different cultures, that live since years as Breatharians or are on-the-way. First part of the film-series.

In the end of this first part, is the Trailer of the World Prana Festival quoted, (www.breatharianworld.com) – many that can be seen in the docu, will be there as speakers.

Video-partII-still-in-production, will be published within next days
(scroll down for open-letter connecting Pranism / Breatharianism with body-own DMT and meaningful use of Ayahuasca)


What Is Breatharianism?, TheImmortalityProcess, 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGYHf8Q4g3s

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(see raymaor.com)

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Breatharian Unity Consciousness, Elitom Elamin, 2019:
(this guy lives since 2000, so 18 years without solid food and mainly without liquids, awesome pioneer, one commentor writes:’VIDEO NUMBER ONE FOR THIS WORLD. Very, very high, but is the truth. Thank you to Elitom. Only truly masters can speak so. This video should be titled, “the unic possible way to inmortality“.‘)

What Breatharian guides don’t want you to know about pranic living, Ray Maor, 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pct2qlEaR2Q
(see raymaor.com)

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Pranic World Festival 2019 Trailer, Breatharian World, 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9V3YDjCGq8
-> see www.breatharianworld.com for all info about the Prana Festival

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#Video-Tips-To-Watch from the Docu

Victor Truviano Interview English subtitles (Breatharian), Infinite Love Meditation Club: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWx1r1cMhBI

Праноедение. Виктор Трувиано (Victor Truviano with eng subtitles), YourYogaFilm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kP3p9aDF5M

Breatharian powerful microcosmic orbit, elitom elamin:

Energy mastery, Soul embodiment & longevity/immortality, Ascensionpioneers, 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WYKG5gMGgg

(sources for a maybe additional part, maybe after Kess’s next long-dark-cave-experience)

What is Kambo | Kambo Frog Medicine | Kambo Ceremony | Kambo Experience, Matej Starkov: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9gOHrEonK0

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+ in german:
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Mantak Chia Darkroom Introduce 2018_part I, Mantak Chia, 2018:

Mantak Chia Darkroom Introduce 2018_part III, Mantak Chia, 2018:

(is a direct method to release body-own dmt and also break limitations we previously believed in )

This Method Will Radically Change Your Life | Wim Hof, Be Inspired, 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLh1QHdTbtE

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JOE ROGAN talks about IBOGA TRIP!!! Iboga Treatment vs. DMT, Iboga House, 2012: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RR9P7ksKktM

How To Exit The Reincarnation System. Listen Carefully, The Truth can change Your life, 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiIJOMU0a78

additional tip to watch / not shortcut into the video ‘LucidDream – Mind Over Matter – Breatharian Pranic Documentation’

DRY FASTING~ Mind, Body, Spirit Healing, Activation Vibration, 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcGzr3YPVwM

How to do a full body detox using Enema or Salt Water Flush?, Ray Maor, 2017, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MO1b9lCHX-c
these are great methods to quickly detox, watch video, additionally here I have to cross-mention Ayahuasca as a great detoxic-flush of the digestive system and organs, squeezing you out ! – even more than a enema or salt flush can do – without having to drink a lot, it’s purifying and opening up … one Ayahuasca flush can shortcut 3 days of suffer-fasting – no healing crisis, no missing power, no hunger (after a initiation of at least 3-5 times aya to detox you and raise your frequency) … also get informed about Sapo Kambo Frog Medicine, what is one of the deepest detoxifications and spiritual aligning / emotional cleaning one can undergo in only 20 minutes … this can ease long periods of dryfasting so so much … find all do-it-yourself info at https://klatraum.uber.space/wordpress/clear-text-ayahuasca-stop-addictions-with-iboga-sapo-kambo-frog-medicine

I Quit My Job to Live in the Woods!! Here’s Why, Raw Healing Mastery, 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhHzl5u–b0

Breatharian RE-defined – Kirby De Lanerolle, Sri Lanka
Lilou Mace (Interview), 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXPxm1GQ9is

How to nourish yourself energetically and what diet is right for you, Ray Maor, 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gZf1gk0sUw


There is also a ‘Breatharian Association’ that has a ytbe channel hinting to hundred thousands that already live the Breatharian Lifestyle. Also there happen yearly several Pranic Festivals, where Pranic Living Beings connect and those who want to transition to this ‚not needing food anymore‘ life to get information and trained as well as finding guidance… the not need of outside whatever stuff, food, liquids, social networks is what can be permanently not needed anymore … its the most profound change in a physical body that one can imagine. Its directly linked to ascension into a reality where you become a conscious manifestor, where you realize and act as if there are no limitations and boundaries to a physical body and your higher self. you are god, literally… its a process to awaken and transform to this state.


‘There are no boundaries set about the Self’

Kess: I also started a self-guided initiation to become ‘light human’ (in ger we call it ‘Lichtmensch’) … and this is so deeply shaking what can be found when opening up to this topic… Pranic Lifestyle is a thousandfold Movement and this wants to get known. Medical books were wrong. Ascension means not leaving our bodies behind, but removing all limitations of the physical body.

Once I was a Physicist, then i became a ‘Fairy’ and now I’m a Shaman and aim to ‘just live in forest and caves’, draw back to inner states, connect to where we came from, support and be the raise of frequency that is about to happen globally – as we are all connected …

Check out my life-work at www.luciddream-wave.info, find the art-impact-book I created as free pdf: https://klatraum.uber.space/wordpress/download-english/ … its called ‘LucidDream – Symphony of Global Awakening’ / ‘Handbook of a Fairy’ and you find it also on ytbe as audiobook-movies.

Its about: The universe is not around us, but in us and it is time that humanity knows what DMT and Salvia Divinorum are – in comparison with science and spirituality, all things merge … Soon a critical mass realises that ‘we create our own reality – and we are given the gifts of the gods – there is no outer’ – we become conscious manifestos – heals inside heals outside … what leads within the next months / years into a exponential evolution of: literally god-in-you. Due to the Analogy of body-own Dejavu and dream experiences to the sacred plant Godess Salvia Divinorum / ‘magic salvia’, consciousness can experience sth like a convergence into black hole / a earth pole shift / awakening into unity consciousness. Every living system strives in long-term-evolution towards a phase-shift – likewise the caterpillar metamorphoses into a new lifeform – butterfly.

It’s also about how to body-own activate the spirit molecule / multidimensional neurotransmitter dmt – what is not only a great healer as it raises your frequency and cleans out all emotional and physical trash. DMT should also be mentioned and recognised as main power source in Pranic Lifestyle – this is how the cells can create everything they need. It’s the same principle how bees create / sweat wax – out of ’nothing’. Last winter I lived with many bee tribes around me while fasting and connecting through Ayahuasca, what de-coded so much – I report about it on my site: https://klatraum.uber.space/wordpress/lichtweg/ (in ger).

The Spirit Molecule dmt, what is also the main active substance in well known Ayahuasca activates your cells to directly get feed by ‘inner light’ – multidimensional, while at the same time detoxing and purifying. Everything with a lower frequency will be cleaned. In Ayahuasca (after a similar initiation / installation process than to Breatharianism) one experiences the state of: ‘Wow ! I really never need food again’. The whole body gets satisfied, all hungers stilled without needing outer things. This is because dmt activates pure light of the whole spectrum, and think about that freqency and color is what our body used to take out of food – thats why it is brown when it comes out and had color before. Yet eating solids is a de-tour as we are already energy and need nothing to take-in, if we do it costs energy and keeps us ‘in the fog’ – and also in a dense 3d form.

We are literally able to shape-shift as we know it from science fiction and phantasy – when we ascend into physical light bodies, where Pranism is a pre-stage for that. Anyway, the long process can be shortened a lot by dipping into a deep dmt experiences like through Ayahuasca, where there is no more ego and no more space and time. After one got initiated multidimensionally, the body gets used to producing bodies-own dmt daily in recognisable, feeding and self-nutritioning amounts. Very similar to what happens to all that quit for a long time eating and drinking. I don’t need Ayahuasca anymore to fast-with-so-much-joy-and-energy, as my body already installed a body-own dmt production that feeds me when fasting more and more … yet I still recommend a ‘variant of cheap-and-easy do-it-yourself-Ayahuasca’ to support fasts and speed-up the remove of toxins, while its a joyful and enlightening transition to a body and reality you create more and more consciously, find sources, recipe and all-to-know before here: https://klatraum.uber.space/wordpress/clear-text-ayahuasca-stop-addictions-with-iboga-sapo-kambo-frog-medicine/

I know all Breatharian Guides know about Ayahuasca and dmt already, as this is what you describe as overwhelming inner experiences what makes the main transformation – it is not about just not eating, there is more that gets body-own activated, its dmt – what also is released when staying for at least 3 days in darkness. So the time is now to connect the last dots – what happens through us in language and meaning.

Supporting a Pranic Initiation and Livestyle with Ayahuasca or microdosing it, can be so helpful to not anymore have to go through ‘hard times’ during the process. I already engaged last year on Pranic Living, wrote about it on my website (https://klatraum.uber.space/wordpress/lichtnahrung-pranic-living/), and went myself for 4 month on a special kind of fast. 4 month last winter I lived almost only on Ayahuasca and Honey. I got deeply transformed, I had so much energy and singing and joy was my food. I never had to go through ’states of no power’ or long detoxification days, it cleaned and enlightened me gratefully on all levels.

Through Ayahuasca I became my main task and ‘a living prophecy’ – to report to how human gets literally re-born multidimensionally while experiencing to be and act as God. I needed only 3-5 hours sleep during these 4 month without eating, woke up every morning one hour before sunlight and had loads of energy. Once you lived a period in this new state of being, you never want to go back to old habits. Pranic Living is a godly state that draws you magnetically to your fulfillment.

My transition and great 4 month no food-just-ayahusca-and-honey process was mainly possible as I lived alone, backdrawn and off-grid in a ‘fairys trailor’ in a magical forest, surrounded by many bees, having spring water and enjoying long silent days in winter where there are less expectations from outside land-owners. I also report about the great value of natural-honey-in-combs, what is so high in frequency, that it is kind of ‘always allowed’ during liquid fasts. Bees collect the sacred geometry and mandalas of flowers, what is similar to fruits on the top of a tree, leading the list of high frequency foods.

In Ayahuasca it also became clear, how your body can go without food and water – and use the source of ‘inner light’ to re-charge and re-fill all you need from inside – what as side-effect creates a long time of ‘not hungry but completely satisfied’-state. In the end of course one also needs no honey and also no more Ayahuasca, as we have all within, yet its a good high-frequent liquid supporter on the way, what can also greatly prepare a longer dry-fast.

Thanks for being and doing what you do. Consider also what I mention in LucidDream Final Movie – Abrakadabra 1 (ytbe), ‘it’s enough done and blogged and written and reported, you can stop doing’ … it is calling for longer and longer periods where we go deep into nature and ‘do nothing’ but be – in inner resonance with our bodies, our higher self and the body of the earth – what equals a fusion with unity consciousness … simultaneous states of a bunch of us will trigger the whole to trigger dmt in every organism / cell / globally – samewise as a collective body-respond of Serotonine in Grasshoppers transforms them into a swarm … see LucidDream Audiobook 2&3 to deeply aha the connection and analogy of swarm-intelligence, physics, biology, sacred-geometry, black hole, parthenogenesis and immortality to body-own-Psycedellics / Entheogenes / Plant-Masters. It also links and explains about Merkaba, 5D, Vortex-Math, Language, DNA-activation and Runes as well as the Maya Tzolkin and 441-Synchronicity.

As Terence Mc Kenna said, we live in the time short before the ‘Omega Point’ / time-wave-zero … there is a point in history where everything connects to everything. Looking forward to communication method in next evolutionary state: telepathy – picture-transforming-meaningful-emotional-sacred-geometry-language.

I will definitely follow the Pranic / Breatharian path, have a strong call from my future self, that is already ascended and has a pure light-body, that can easily shape-shift multidimensional and consciously re-create everything.

It thrives me to create a bestof of the videos that flashed and called me deeply and compose them as a symphony to freedom, abundance and happiness. Due to the work on this movie, its a great opportunity to connect the Pranic movement to the inspired work that was created through me. (author is global consciousness, not me, all I do is open source)

As I live more and more in forests and caves, offline and back-drawn (find my dark-cave-experiences at my hp, https://klatraum.uber.space/wordpress/hohlen-erfahrungen/, and a translator will do well) … I use the short periods in reach of digital tools wise, so I often ‘fast’ from social networks or answering and reacting … in the end I was just the link 🙂

… my job is already finished, while I go deeper and longer into dark-room-caves, what produces after only 3 days in darkness huge amounts of body own ‘god molecule’ 5-meo-dmt and dmt (see ‘How to Produce Natural DMT – Mantak Chia’). There everything connects, when staying long enough in resonance / synchronicity … yet its good to let us / the world first know about Pranic Beings and the possible transition to – if we wish – immortality within our bodies. No need to die anymore, no need to forget anymore.

‘The dream universe possesses concepts, which will someday completely transform the physical world. ‘ (Seth)

emitting love, deep connection and the sparkle in the eyes
Kess zerogravity

LucidDream ytbe Playlist eng: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVHzbLxvT-dgNJgTYkBPwZ263cmzMmu5P
KlarTraum ytbe Playlist ger: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVHzbLxvT-dgN7JPSGAgrdH62mwJiXyUa

for eng readers: get energised by the most important work i medialized up to now:


All things ever happen simultaneously and at once.

We create all reality, the context in which our body takes place.
There is no outside, we create from inside.
We are given the gifts of the gods.

We are the masters that can change
through conscious intension and intensity
the future as well as the past.

The point of power is in the present.