Risks and essential information before starting into the Breatharian Path

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Watch and listen to your body – go into the process of Pranic Living / Breatharianism / prolonged-dry-fasting only with enough information about the precursor-steps of detoxification, be aware of the maturing process of inner growth, give your subconscious time to follow your call. Practice with longer fasting phases which are alternated by phases of eating very light (raw or vegan) food or liquid food.

When toxins are not well-known got out of the body – a profound accompanying process in addition to the call of fasting – one should not ignore the signals of his body and, above all, do it not alone.

It also makes sense that so many well-founded Breatharian/Pranic Initiation retreats are offered to accompany a save passage through the first most crucial phase.

If you get into the depth of the Pranic Initiation Retreats (where ‘mind over matter’ only provides brief insights to open up; Ray Maor or Elitom Elamin, for example, shares a lot of knowledge that he teaches in the workshops in countless very good videos), you find out how much Breatharian teachers emphasize detoxification, balance, listening to body signals and other important knowledge that has to sink down, what belongs to the basic homework if you want to get seriously on the Breatharian path…

It is also good to know that Breatharian does not mean not to eat nothing at all, also eating very little food counts (f.e. once in three or once in seven days), because one learns how to use other sources of energy as food.

So it is also crucial with what you break a long dry fast – drink only water or water with little bit baking soda to make it alkaline in small sips – don’t drink too fast fruit juices because the acidity can be too much for your body. In the beginning do not dry fast too long, the recommendation that Jashmuhen gave 20 years ago is not without risk, because most of us have too many toxins in them and you should not go into the process when shortly before still eating solid foods … first switch to raw and liquid food for a longer period and the most important thing is to detoxify …

From the process and evolution learns the whole Breatharian development, which is unstoppable because it’s a natural call for many … for me it is now also years of preparation, long on raw food and numerous deep cellular detoxifications, so it is now very easy for me.

Rule of thumb is – and this is the most important point – that after the first initiation and detoxification the fasting is accompanied by a lot of energy (without ups and downs), clarity, physical strength, activity, little sleep and neither hunger nor thirst, it is also marked by the recognition that one produces body-own DMT, is strengthened and learns to reach these vibration-enhanced conditions only through will, likewise no weight loss toward too little appears. One is neither weak nor emaciated or exhausted and only (!) then one continues to fast even longer.

If this is not the case, it is time to go one step back to a lighter diet, to detoxify more, to learn how to recharge through meditation and powerful breathing to de-acidify your body – in the fivth part of the mind-over-matter film series there will be a very good ‘Breathing Tutorial by Survival and Cold Master Wim Hof’.

For me it is clear that living on (inner) light is possible, my body gets more and more re-built and calls for this since years, it comes from the inside, not from the outside … there are changes in the DNA associated with it, the way is only connected with a body’s own frequency increase, which you have in your own hands.

Living on (inner) light only works if you know how to recharge via meditation or will and care for the right setting as well as your frequency shift to get the energy that the cells need … this you will have to integrate in your daily life samewise as eating was before a kind of ritual for you … It’s a process over months and years and includes many stages, where it is also part of the programm to alternate periods of fasting with periods of eating light or liquid food. Listen to your body and treat your temple kindly.

This and more then in detail in part four and five of ‘mind over matter’ where the title then also shifts to ‘heart over matter’.