Runes – Code of Creation (eng)

LucidDream addon about Runes and my current notes about Dmitriy Kushnirs book KaRuna (find in download-package here). The 49 as well as 144 Runes / symbols / sounds and meanings expand consciousness multidimensional. Who already knows the 49 Rune system, gets even more expanded through KaRuna collection.

I don’t agree with all the implications in the rune books, e.g. the demarcation of races, as well as some of the world view of Slavic origin (yes, we are many species and ‘races’, yet all connected to ONE Lifeform, #family)… the runes serve as magic tool how form and sound can carry maximum meaning in it – even more if you combine them. Another UR-symbol language that inherits sacred geometry is Sanskrit.
‘i create what i speak / think’ = abrakadabra


update 15.12: all 144 Ka-Runa online + the 24 #Futhark-Runes

(soon in eng)