Salvia Divinorum – understand Time & Reality Factory

The active substance Salvinorin A in Salvia Divinorum is not only the strongest hallucinogen in the world, it seems to carry the oldest Ur-information of universe … it is genetically like a fixed star, genetic evolution was not found … it doesn’t need to develop further, as it is the embodiment of reproduction of infinity

Salvia Divinorum, a sort of the many Salvia genera, it is a so-called Endemit, it geographically origins only in one place on the earth … it was literally ‘handed over’ by the Mazatec tribe … through cuttings – the wild growing plant was never found to have seeds.
Salvia Divinorum propagates through people … and teaches us in return all secrets of re-production, the fabric of time – and reality.

the indigenous people believe that Salvia is the re-incarnation of the Virgin Mary (Ska-María-Pastora) because it explains her characteristics of reproduction without sex partner

‘Divinorum’ (Latin) means truth-speaker

Salvia Divinorum heals many diseases, has lasting positive-effects on all body systems

‘we believe that the active ingredients can be useful for a number of diseases: Alzheimer’s, Depression, Schizophrenia, Chronic Pain’ and even AIDS or HIV ‘
— Viren 2007-08-23 (US Media)

Salvia triggers the most extreme experience EVER … yet no psychosis are to be expected

… the english Wikipedia entry for Salvia Divinorum is worth reading, as well as

the effect is short, extreme, a shock
… it relativates everything you ever knew to know

here you get a deep insight into the structure of space-time-energy

– your dimensionality decreases to 0, then 1, 2, 3 … this keeps looping
– you forget instantly everything, forget that you smoked Salvia or even being human… to breath is the first memory
– a feeling like waking up from a dream that before was your life … the world before is not accessible
– space, time and sound ‘hang’, loop through you … Déjà-vu-Scenes … perspective switches, being object, body parts are literally memories
– space-time gets a continuum of the past / present / future simultaneously (a feeling like you smashed reality)
– Zipper / Book-Effect
– optics of membrane structure, film-layers, two-dimensional surfaces and fractal patterns
– body feeling tearing, pulling, twisting
– overlapping realities to the perception of being at the same time in several places
– when you close your eyes, you see for the first time in your life: black mass … a deep-dark, soothing place
– a feeling that everything will get normal finally … euphoria and shocked-incredibleness alternate

Salvia triggers the dissolve of ego and lifts/cancels conscious observation. In combination with DMT-multidimensional-perception and the portal-tips summarized in LucidDream around p.165, it can be experienced as a multidimensional portal. Deep insights also in LucidDream Final 3/3 – This is the Portal, what will enter in the book at the last pages.

Note: Salvia Divinorum is in many countries not legal. The substance has no addiction-potential, acts stronger when there are long consumption breaks, it activates an ‘Salvia-Echo-Effect’ that is body-own in everyone.

Pictures / Salvia-reports are from the short-videos by Alde, through with Salvia Divinorum manifested in consciousness-goes-youtube – a understanding of the time & reality-book … that we are

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