the seed and nectar in you, Sacred Secration, healing DMT-pineal-gland-nectar

that’s it, Santos Bonacci explains the key of reaching thousands of years lifetime: by regularly producing a body-own nectar that nourishes, heals, produces new blood (‘sacred science of physiological regeneration’) … and unlocks the brain of God with a large amount of DMT

also Jim Carry talks about the ‘Secret Sacred Secration – I know for a long time about the golden nectar that can be produced in the pineal gland … it can also be triggered by tongue rolling and pressing long against the upper back palate, but only very few have succeeded so far … Bonacci explains the anatomical / bible-symbolic / astrological context

The Sacred Secret Of The Christ Within (30 min. Video)

a second video that visualizes the connection between cosmic movements and processes in the body:

here to read, the article captures the contents, and includes the original lectures by Bonacci: ‘Your Body is the Holy Land’

… to find out when the moon is in your star sign, so when the nectar is produced every month in the sacral chakra (sexual organs) and then ascends to the pineal gland, here a link:
(in this time window you should not release sexual energy, so that the nectar does not dry out and can ascend, this takes some days … at all it is necessary to get out of the lower chakras)