Vortex Mathematics | Fingerprint of God | Stargates

… its unleashed: cominbe the knowledge about Merkaba and Vortex math, practiced in meditation or psycadelic experiences

Vortex-Mathematics= Gods-Mathematics: every child understands it, it decodes the free energy as well as the function of Merkaba in metaspace

two years ago, mathematicians started a campaign called ‘Randy`s Donuts’. it was also adressed to President Obama, because they have not only decrypted free energy … but also provide the how-to-do-it-yourself: shape wires according to vortex-design … and all the energy problems of the world are solved

8-Min Trailer:

Randy’s Donuts (2014) – Full Movie

Source-Page for Vortex Math & science of Randy Powell / Marco Rodin:

the meta space is just geometry and is simple. how the numbers 1-9 are enough to create everything is revealed in #Vortex-Mathematics (discovered by Marko Rodin)
… why the numbers 3,6,9 are special, and Nicola Tesla designated their understanding as key to the universe … from this emerges the star tetrahedron and the ascension to higher dimensions just by mathematics

Randy Powell: Intro to Vortex Math
relation to acupuncture, body electromagnetism, Tesla,

Free Energy and Vortex Mathematics:
2016, 5776/5777, 3,6 & 9 (The year I finally GOT MATH!)

how Vortex Math is connected to consciousness and chakras,
is explained in detail here: https://consciousvortex.com
… because your body is built up exactly according to this geometry, this is a key-information
… when you understand the fields and operations, you can consciously perform them in meditation,
connected with breathing … and crack it
(… theres always also a intuitive way… )

the following pictures from a presentation to be found in the net,
connecting extensive knowledge (use browser zoom-in if too small)